Jeff Quebec

Educational Consulting Services: What are your goals?

As families explore the option of applying to independent schools and finding the right “fit”, working with an educational consultant can be of great benefit to navigating the admissions process.  Not only can it be extremely competitive, but also quite overwhelming at times.  We enjoy working closely with students and families to help guide them through the independent school admissions process.

It is definitely important to find a school which is the right fit for students to thrive academically, athletically, socially, with their extracurricular interests, etc.

We seek to learn as much as we can about the students and family in order to best serve them.  This includes getting to know the student and their many strengths, interests and hobbies, and areas where they need development.  After gathering all of this information, we work closely with the family to generate a custom list of target schools to explore.  This leads to eventually determining appropriate schools to visit and apply to that can offer the right environment.

We help guide the student and their family step-by-step through the entire admissions process, including guidance on the applications and important coaching for the admissions interviews.  We communicate directly with the schools in order to serve as a strong professional advocate for the student’s admissions candidacy as we look to find the right school fit for them.  It is important that the student is presented to the school in the best light possible.

Unfortunately, too many families rely on guesswork based upon what others have told them that they should be doing.  Many important areas are often overlooked.  Now in our third decade of experience working with students and schools from all around the globe, we have extensive knowledge to be able to help assist students and their families throughout the entire admissions/application process.

What are your goals?

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Dr. Jeffrey R. Quebec
Educational Consultant

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